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Autism is “A Brat Who Hasn’t Been Told to Cut the Act Out” (Old News, New to Me)

Woah. No. That’s where you’re wrong, Michael Savage. However, your entire radio shtick sounds like a douchebag that hasn’t been told to cut the act out. The tide is turning, though. The advertisers are running. The half-hearted apologies ring empty. And the protesters are growing in numbers.

One week, I’m guessing, before he gets Imused.

What a dick. I hope he gets gangrene of the face and is forced to amputate.

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His comments have been taken out of context. Check up on what he really said and you might agree with him.

Out of Context?! Oh right: the context included also saying that minority children that 'claim' to have asthma are only doing it for extra welfare (how does that work, I wonder? asthma isn't a disability), telling those autistic brats to 'shut up and quit crying' since they don't have fathers of their own to say it, and declaring that our nation's boys are being turned into girls (oooh, there isn't a bigger insult than that! of course, you've gotta get a sexist jab in there somewhere!).

So there's the context. And...nope, no misunderstanding. The guy is really a dick. I second the prayer for gangrene, only I hope it spreads to his testicles also.

Why am I still amazed that there are people that listen to, and agree with, this kind of crap? He stated that his advice from his father was not to sound like an idiot; maybe he should ponder that advice a bit more.