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And By the “Natural State,” Of Course They Mean Naturally Racist

16975343.jpgYikes. Arkansas is pulling an entire series of license plates after some dumbass didn’t realize that, well, the initials “NGR” have a certain je ne sais quoi about them (or, as we’d say down in Arkansas, “Jean Said Queef? Huh?”)

Hundreds of these license plates are apparently being pulled because some people are just sooooo sensitive (*eyeroll*). A tiny little racial epithet and the whole state gets bent out of whack. Sheesh. It’s not like plates said “HIK” on them.

Oh, Arkansas. Bless your heart. It’s not your fault you’re so dumb. If I weren’t afraid your homophobic ass wouldn’t shoot me in the face, I’d give you a hug just to make you feel better.