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At the Car Wash — Talkin’ Bout the Car Wash, Girl

carwash1.jpgThe latest in parenting trends has arrived, as two women have apparently figured out the quickest and best method to wash their baby!

A search is under way for two women caught on car wash surveillance video restraining a screaming girl and then using a high-pressure wand to blast her with water in an apparent form of punishment.
A manager at Magical Carwash located at 11105 Bloomfield Drive in Orlando said the women pulled into the business and immediately began to torture the young girl.
Diaz said the women never washed the car.
“They put $2 in, started the machine and went straight for the baby,” Diaz said.

I hope they at least got her the super-premium wash with wax and a protective coating to protect from oxidization.

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What a very strange story. I live in Orlando and I don't recall having heard about this.