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Assface McBuggerstein

oreillyface-727911.jpgBill O’ Asshat sent a camera crew out yesterday to attack Arianna Huffington for something painfully absurd: Comments left by deranged hate mongers (represent!) on The Huffington Post, including something about how one guy hopes that Tony Snow’s cancer comes back. This is part and parcel of Bill O’Reillys latest attacks on legitimate political blogs (like The Daily Kos) who aren’t particularly vigilant in the way the delete comments. Man, if we were asked to delete all the mean-spirited comments on QuizLaw, well: We’d just have to ban our buddy Bill Weldon, wouldn’t we?

It’s dumb. Plain fucking dumb — bloggers have enough problems trying to weed out spam, and now Bill O’ expects them to wade through every goddamn comment and delete all the offensive ones. Worse: He accuses Huffington of exploiting those commenters for financial gain.

Well, the only reason that Bill O’Reilly doesn’t get a ton of comments (most of which would be equally or more offensive — those right wing nutjobs know how to spew the hate) is because that dillhole actually charges $50 a year for the right to leave comments on his poorly trafficked blog.

Jealous much, Bill? Because you’re not reaping financial rewards and otherwise capitalizing on that huge puss-filled bag of douche you call your audience?

Check the video:

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Mean spirited?

I am sure he meant it in a nice way, Bill.

I think O'Reilly is under the assumption that charging for comments is actually commonplace, which is why he is so fixated on Huffington supposedly making money. Somebody has to be telling him this, because it is clear he isn't the technological wunderkind running his site.

I just like that she was able to keep her cool and not call that twerp out on the spot for that bullcrap ambush.

The British army, at one time, acknowledged soldiers who provided particularly high levels of service by "being mentioned in the despatches". That's kinda how I feel today. I think it was the "donkey punch" comment that put me over the top.

Bill "Flaming Jackass" O'Reilly is, in my humble opinion, the worst* piece of fetid garbage ever to appear in the cesspool that is Faux News. If he chokes on his bile tonight, it won't be too soon.

*Except for Hannity. And all of the rest of them.

Even though Bill charges his users to leave comments, and supposedly all comments are reviewed by a moderator before they are posted (at least a warning message after posting indicates that this is so) they still post hateful stuff there. When he first started harping on Huffington a week or two ago (maybe longer) the liberal blogs managed to dig up some pretty awful stuff in short order.