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As if I need to explain why Oregon is better than Florida

stripperLegs.jpgLast week, the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals upheld Daytona Beach zoning and nudity ordinances which require exotic dancers in the city to wear bikinis. And we’re talking beach-wear type bikinis, not g-strings and pasties. The only exception to these ordinances is where the club doesn’t serve liquor. But a strip club without liquor is like a forest without a tree - it just don’t make sense. Anyway, this decision overturned a District Court ruling from last year which found the ordinances unconstitutional as violations of free speech. Lollipops Gentlemen’s Club plans to appeal to the Supremes.

Meanwhile, an Oregon judge has ruled against an ordinance in Salem, Oregon which banned touching at strip clubs. The Court ruled that the Constitution’s protection of free speech protects a stripper’s right to give lap dances. Now that’s how rulings about strippers and the First Amendment are supposed to play out. You paying attention, Eleventh Circuit?

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"a strip club without liquor is like a forest without a tree - it just don’t make sense."

My husband is from NJ, and they have a similar rule- topless + alcohol = fine, but if those bottoms come off, there can be no alcohol. They're called "juice bars", which I at first thought were classy organic places, and couldn't understand why they were all over the highway.

I thought this was a fairly common practice in most states... well, except Nevada.