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All’s Fairplay in Love and Reality TV

J-Fairplay.jpgDustin recently showed you the clip of Danny Bonaduce laying some broken-face on reality star leech Johnny Fairplay. Following up on that story, Fairplay (real name - Jon Dalton) has decided to sue Bonaduce, along with the Fox Reality Channel, producers of the Reality Channel’s award show and the venue where the awards ceremony took place.

Fairplay says that an ambulance should’ve been called right away, but that nobody did anything to help him out. And this, he says, amounted to “battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress, negligence and negligent supervision.” The folks at Reality Blurred put it all into context for us:

The lawsuit reads like great fiction, or at least a version of reality written by a soulless lawyer. It explains Fairplay’s behavior like this: “Mr. Dalton, in an effort to minimize the akwardness of Mr. Bonaduce’s unscripted interruption and unprovoked insults, playfully jumped into Mr. Bonaduce’s arms.”
Aw, poor baby; all he wanted was some love and instead he got his face smashed. The lawsuit does not mention the face humping or Dalton’s drunkenness. But as a result of both, he now wants monetary damages, asks for his expenses to be paid, and wants to be compensated for his earnings.

Now why they gotta go with the “souless lawyer” comment?

(And in answer to the question asked by Eric Turkewitz over at his blog, it’s totally Fairplay’s own fault for jumping on Bonaduce in the first place. He’s an asshat (Fairplay, not Turkewitz) and got what he deserved.)