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Remember That One Time?

051017_johnnyfairplay_vmed.widec.jpgRemember the time, on “Survivor,” when Johnny Fairplay made up a story about his grandmother dying in order to bilk sympathy from his island mates? Wasn’t that awesome? Huh? Huh? And then, remember the time that Johnny Fairplay was on that E! reality show, called “Kill Reality,” and remember how he dropped a deuce on that chick from “The Bachelor’s” bed and got tossed off the show? Wasn’t that sweet? Right? Right? Oh, and then, remember the time that Johnny Fairplay (real name Jon Dalton) was at some reality show awards ceremony and thought it would be fun to jump up on top of Danny Bonaduce and wriggle around? Wasn’t that awesome. What a great idea. Right? Right? And then, you remember how Danny Bonaduce — who is completely fucking psychotic, by the way — threw Johnny Fairplay over his shoulder? Uh huh! Uh huh! And remember how Johnny Fairplay lost one tooth and broke another when his face hit the floor?

That was the awesomest of all!!! And if you don’t remember that one time, you can witness the glory the below. (A police report was filed; charges are being considered).

(Note to the Universe: Don’t invade Danny Bonaduce’s personal space. Especially when he’s drunk, as he so obviously is here.)

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I didn't read the police report because I don't exactly give a shit, but it seems to me that Bonaduce was assaulted first and acted in self defense. Awesome, awesome self defense.

you can't see it in this clip, but my favourite part is where, while flying over Bonaduce's head, Fairplay loses his right shoe, which stays on stage as he limps off barefoot. awesome.

I think I'd rather taunt a rabid Doberman than upset Danny Partridge.