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Al Jolson would be so proud

al-jolson.jpgWilliam Bianchi is apparently some sort of British tycoon. And he was recently in court over a a DUI charge, with sentencing due to happen tomorrow. See, back in September, Bianchi was at a birthday/costume party for his goddaughter, where he apparently got a bit sloshed. So when he left the party, he smashed his Mercedes into a tree. Bianchi got stuck in the car and after strangers helped him get out of the now-flaming car, he was taken to a hospital.

It was easy for the cops to track him down, because his hair was all singed, reminding one of the cops of Wile E. Coyote. And because “he was dressed as a full Roman gladiator with a breastplate, body armour and skirt.” And because he was in blackface.

Must’ve been one helluva party.