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A QuizLaw Dramatic Reenactment

bloody-mouth.jpg[Scene opens on a street near a local Winn Dixie Store in Destin, Florida.]

Okaloosa County Deputy: Excuse me, you of vagrants. I couldn’t help but notice that y’all were involved in a bit of a tussle.

Vagrant 1: Well yessir, occifer. That there guy fucking bit my hand for no apparent reason.

Vagrant 2: I did no such thing. And I’m outraged — I say, I take offense — that this guy would throw around such wild accusations.

Okaloosa County Deputy: That’s all well and good, Mr. Vagrant, sir. But next time you want to deny biting someone, you might want should wipe the blood from around your mouth first.

Vagrant 2: … dang.

[Vagrant 2 is arrested and charged with battery. And scene.]