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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words … Listen to Them, Dumbass

kiddieguy.jpgNot to judge a man by his photo, but you look at the guy above, and it’s not terribly surprising to learn that he’s been charged with possessing child porn.

What is surprising, however, is that he has been a Boy Scout Leader for nearly 50 years.

Why is that surprising? Because parents have been leaving their children with Charles Franklin Knight for 50 years. The seed ticks in the beard not a big enough hint? No? What about the fact that the man has been a Boy Scout Leader for 50 years? It’s that kind of passion that’d have me worried (and, you know, the crazy-man beard).

But here’s the weird part:

A neighbor whose apartment is below Knight’s says a repairman made the discovery after being called to Knight’s home to fix an air conditioner. The woman says her boyfriend’s mother called police after the air conditioning unit in Knight’s apartment began to leak into theirs.

Questions to ponder: 1) Why would anyone call the police when an A/C started leaking? And 2) What is an air-conditioning repairman doing looking at this man’s computer?

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Well, at least the Boy Scouts got rid of all those evil GAYS who wanted to be Boy Scout Leaders. SURELY they were all just as abhorrent.


Wasn't there a recent report that mentioned somone using a child porn image as wallpaper on his computer? Perhaps this guy made that mistake also.

Seriously, if a gay man in a neckerchief had shown up to save some scouts from this guy, it would have been exactly like an episode of South Park.

Kate - Why are you bringing the Gay Community back into this? That has been a dead issue for years. Being a scoutmaster is not an entitlement or a Right, the Boy Scouts exist for the Boy Scout members not for the Scoutmasters. But I do see the irony of the situation.

RedBeard - That is funny.

But did I miss something? Was it gay child porn? Granted, all child porn is just so wrong and this is one sick man, who will deserve whatever punishment comes to him. But isn't your attitude towards this man a bit hypocritical? I mean, has he ever molested any minor? Does he have a history of sexual assault, or of statuary rape? And since the sexual orientation you propose was also, not so long ago, considered just as bad as his (and still is by many people), shouldn't you be defending his rights to exist as he is? I mean if you are going to make snide comments about Gay men not being allowed to be Scoutmasters, then shouldn't you also be defending this guy? Otherwise you are a hypocrite.