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A Black Man in the White House. Hell Yeah!

obamaxa0.jpgWhat the hell are we supposed to write today? Dumb criminal and stupid lawyer stories seem fairly inappropriate, and there’s no sense in trying to go about business as usual. This is history, motherfuckers.

Hmmm. Did y’all see Jill Biden slip up yesterday on Oprah, and mention that her husband was offered his choice of Secretary of State or Vice President? Oops. I guess that solidifies Hillary’s also-ran status.

Ah, but who cares. That’s for another day. Here are some fun facts: Teddy Roosevelt wore a ring containing a lock of Abraham Lincoln’s hair to his inauguration. The Army had to use flamethrowers to clear snow for JFK’s inauguration. George Washington’s inaugural speech was the shortest on record, at 135 words, while William Henry Harrison’s was the longest, at 8,444 words. He died 31 days later, proving that one should err on the side of brevity when it’s 10 degrees outside.

Blah blah blah. At noon today, George Bush and Dick Cheney’s portraits in the White House will be removed and immediately destroyed. Hallelujah. Hopefully, we can do the same for that goddamn Bush countdown clock on our site.

Giddyup, folks. Have a great inauguration day.

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"A Black Man in the White House. Hell Yeah!"

"This is history, motherfuckers. "

Gimme a break you fuckin' wannabe.

I suppose you (like a lot host of others just didn't get "Rise above"

When my daughter was taking people to the polls in north Philly on election day, there was an old black man waiting for her at one stop. His daughter thought he was sick enough to be hospitalized and she was there to take him....... He refused to go to the hospital. he told my daughter to take him to vote for Obama first.

I still tear up when I think of that.

It's a new day.

Hopefully, we can do the same for that goddamn Bush countdown clock on our site.

To be replaced by an eye color paternity test, which, by the way, says that my eye color is not a likely result for an offspring of my two alleged parents.

OK 3L, when you write shit like that it makes us love you even more!

Judging from the first comment, it would appear that change has not yet come to the internet.

I voted for Obama, but I didn't think his inauguration was "historical."
I really wish everyone would get past his race.
I think the only people who can truly understand how historical his inauguration was are the ones who went through the civil rights movement. The younger generation will never really understand that period in our history.
Change will never come during my lifetime. There are a lot of good people in the world, but racism & hatred will always exist.