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How do I identify the goods and services in a trademark application?

An application for a federal trademark registration must include, among other things, an identification of the goods and services that the mark is used (or will be used) with. There are two parts to identifying the goods and services on a trademark application. First, you must identify the relevant classes. There are 45 international classes of goods and services, ranging from things such as chemicals (Class 1) and paints (Class 2) to wine and spirits (Class 33) and telecommunications (Class 38). You can identify more than one class of goods and services, and many applications often include several classes. Second, you must provide a written description, using clear and common commercial terms, of the goods and services you use your mark with. You must include this description, as it is not enough to simply list the international classes.

Finally, you should include all the appropriate classes in your identification and make sure the written description covers all of the relevant goods and services. The reason for this is that while you can clarify or limit your identification at a later time, you will not be permitted to expand the identification to include additional classes or a broader description.