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What is a slip and fall accident?

In general, a slip and fall (or trip) accident is the type of injury one receives when they fall and injure themselves on someone else’s property, due to a hazardous condition. Hazardous conditions can include snow or ice, poor lighting, unseen or unexpected gaps in flooring, or rough patches on the ground. If you hurt yourself on someone else’s property, you may be able to recover damages for medical costs, and pain and suffering. Likewise, if someone hurts themselves on your property (personal or business), you could be sued.

If you trip and fall on someone else’s property, make sure to note the condition of the property - takes notes, research whether anyone else has had similar accidents, and get eyewitness accounts if they are available and take photos of the conditions, if possible. After the injury, discuss the matter with the owner of the property and have them make a record of it - keep a copy for yourself and obtain any relevant information, including names and contact information of store manager’s, property owners, or anyone else who has had a similar accident.

Finally, note whether the property owner took precautions to prevent the accident, i.e., were there warning signs, was the dangerous condition there long enough for the property owner to notice and remove it, was there a legitimate reason the hazardous condition existed and was there a safer place to have it, and did poor or broken lighting contribute to the accident?