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How do I prove fault in a slip and fall accident?

The best ways to prove fault are by demonstrating that a hazardous condition existed and that it caused your injuries. Present evidence of your injuries and of the condition of the area by showing photos, an incident report, eyewitness reports, and your own detailed notes of the incident and the response of the property owner. To recover damages in a slip and fall case, you must generally prove the following elements: 1) The owner caused the hazardous condition to exist; 2) the owner knew of the dangerous condition but did nothing about it; and 3) the owner should have known of the dangerous condition because a “reasonable” person would have noticed the dangerous condition and removed, repaired, or warned against the hazard.

Also, it is important to determine your reason on the property, because the owner’s responsibilities toward you differ if you are an invitee, licensee, or a trespasser.