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A Total Dick Move

obama.jpgBarack Obama — liberal wet dream, America’s salvation, and Nicotine-loving all-around good guy (dude’s got my vote, anyway) — is threatening legal action against one monster of a douchebag who posted photo’s of Obama’s two daughters, ages 5 and 8, on a pedophilia website that handicaps the 2008 Presidential campaign based on the “cuteness” of the candidate’s children.


Someone from Obam’s campaign sent a letter to the website’s owner, whose Latin nickname translates into “lover of little girls,” demanding that the photos be removed, as well as the link to Obama’s website. The owner of the site, which is registered to a Lindsay Ashford, took down the photos but kept the link intact, noting that his comments were “laudatory” and not “defamatory.”

The letter, sent by Robert Bauer (general counsel for Obama for America), says:

Your actions are particularly objectionable – if not outright dangerous – because you have included a picture of Senator Obama’s young daughters on a site advocating pedophilia with young girls, heightening the risk they face. This is not simply defamatory, but is a criminal act.

Also criminal: Posting photos of Bruce Willis’ daughter, but for different reasons entirely.

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Poor Rumer Willis, who would have guessed that:
Bruce Willis + Demi Moore = The Dad from "The Incredibles"