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ZERO Tolerance, Motherf*ckers!!!!

brown20702_228x279.jpgThe people of Dubai can rest easy knowing that the eternal vigilance at their airport has once again brought down a drug smuggler and criminal mastermind.

A father-of-three who was found with a microscopic speck of cannabis stuck to the bottom of one of his shoes has been sentenced to four years in a Dubai prison.
Keith Brown, a council youth development officer, was travelling through the United Arab Emirates on his way back to England when he was stopped as he walked through Dubai’s main airport.
A search by customs officials uncovered a speck of cannabis weighing just 0.003g - so small it would be invisible to the naked eye and weighing less than a grain of sugar - on the tread of one of his shoes.
Dubai International Airport is a major hub for the Middle East and thousands of Britons pass through it every year to holiday in the glamorous beach and shopping haven.
But many of those tourists and business travellers are likely to be unaware of the strict zero-tolerance drugs policy in the UAE.

How dare he have a speck of an illegal substance on his shoes. This is how they do it, people. One tedious milligram at a time. That shit adds up.

Frankly, the mandatory four-year sentence is too damn light for this ruffian. See this, America? This is how a freaking war on drugs should be run.

Ugh. The sight of this scum disgusts me.

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I visited Dubai numerous times while serving in the Navy. The place is amazing to watch grow and it seriously is a mecca for tourism, industry, and commerce. But they don't fuck around there. We (the guys on the boat) were always paranoid in that there wasn't an armed forces agreement, meaning if we pissed off the locals, they didn't have to hand us over. Think about that...this little country is the only one I can think of that can and will detain US military personnel for any reason. They do not fuck around.

One more reason to cross Dubai off the list when considering where to do business. For that matter, cross off any nation without a "rule of law" legal system older than you are, and a cultural history of being *reasonable* when interpreting those laws. You're safer and more likely to get a reasonable trial in Syria.

Wait, how did they find said microscopic speck?