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Zee cabbage does not run away from zee corn beef!

pepe-le-pew.jpgA dude in Illinois has gone to the state legislature in an effort to make it legal to own skunks as pets. Apparently, it’s legal in Indiana, so Dominique Durbin didn’t know it was illegal for him and his wife to have some pet skunks after finding an abandoned litter until they took a skunk named Penelope to get spayed and were told that pet skunks are a big no-no.

The fight seems to be primarily over rabies rather than, as I would’ve guessed, the stinky-stinky issue. In fact, Durbin talks about how good and easy it is to de-stinkify the skunks:

Once you have the animal descented, which is a nonevasive procedure done early in the animal’s life, having one is a complete joy. It’s like a cross between a house cat and a calm monkey.

Whatever you say, Durbin. But when your wonderful little pet falls in love with a cat that accidentally got a white paint stripe down its back, don’t come crying to me.

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A "nonevasive" procedure?? So you just get right out there in front of a crowd and de-stinkify (love that word) it without hiding what you're doing?

On a related note, has anyone else noticed that reporters seem to be losing any grasp they might have had on grammar, syntax and basic vocabulary lately, or is it just me?

No, pinkcheese, it's not just you...but you have to remember that editors are no longer allowed to correct mistakes made by these so-called journalists; it might create a hostile work environment.

I have always wanted to own a skunk as a pet!

I have to admit, skunks are pretty adorable.

What the hell is the fun of a calm monkey? If I get a monkey, I want a crazy-ass one. If I want calm, I'll get a dog.