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You’re out your damn mind


Above the Law asks.

“Should lawyers date lawyers?”

QuizLaw answers.


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I remember the words my Daddy told me about dating women who work at the same job as you. "Its like shit'n in tha back yard, son. Sure it's convenient at first but its starts to stink after a while. Eventually everyone around you hates your guts and your kicked out of the neighborhood". Course when we had this talk, I was eight and he was drunk and we were waiting for the teacher to show up for a parent/teacher conference. Ahhh good ol' traumatic childhood.

truer drunken banter has never been spoken. *glug, glug...hic*

I like it when law students date each other. Law school is like high school school, but with a lot more alcohol. Since everyone knows everyone else's business, the results are always amusing!

We don't wnat them dating - it could lead to them breeding!