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You think you’ve got landlord problems?

i-want-to-believe.jpgYou ain’t got shit. Because at least your landlord isn’t Daniel Cunningham. A building owned by the Honolulu landlord recently collapsed and he claims it was the fault of the building’s residents. If that’s all we had, this story wouldn’t be worth much. But oh no, that’s just the beginning.

However, one tenant said he saw Cunningham on the roof of the makeshift structure before the collapse.
The story has gotten even stranger. Some tenants claimed they were getting injections because they feared eviction. Richard Sumiye said he went blind after Cunningham injected a solution around his eyes with a needle.
Cunningham, who lost his chiropractor’s license and wears socks on his hands, said he is helping extend lives with stem cell therapy.
“It sounds like you don’t want to answer my question about what treatment you are giving to these people,” KITV reporter Mahealani Richardson told Cunningham.
“I don’t think it’s intelligent for me to do that because it’s a bad law,” he said.
He said that aliens created the law.
“I think you work for them. The media works for them and they own the money and they are eating people down below,” Cunningham said.
The landlord said he is trying to help the homeless and that he will clean up the mess.

Add some black oil, and this is the X-Files sequel everyone really wants.