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You gotta know when to hold ‘em…

poker.jpgAh, gambling, how many ways do I love thee? (The over/under on that is 17, by the way.)

The WSJ Law Blog has a great post about the fight to legalize online poker, a fight being led by Charles Nesson and Alan Dershowitz. Dershowitz is involved in the defense of an offshore-betting website executive, while Nesson is working with some Harvard Law students to create the Global Poker Strategic Thinking Society. Huh — I guess something good can come out of Harvard Law (in fact, Harvard even has a law class on gaming law — where was that course when I was in law school, damn it!).

Nesson says that he thinks it’s nuts that Congress banned online poker and gambling: “The idea of internet freedom is a core notion of modern political freedom.” Damn straight — fists in the air for online poker! Nesson goes on to talk about the great benefits poker can offer to law students who are supposedly being trained to think deeply, and he gives the following advice to law students: “If they want to do something useful in their outside time, they should play poker.”

See, if I had professors like this when I was in law school, maybe I’d be a bit better at the game, and I wouldn’t have dropped so much money on the Vegas poker table last August. Damn you BU School of Law!