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You can’t spell “menage a trois” without three of the letters in “murder”

menage-a-trois.jpgFlorida. Menage a trois. Of course it ended in death.

Last August, the body of Nestor Estefani was found in the home of his boyfriend, Dr. Cody Smith. Smith wasn’t home at the time and, it seeks, Estefani picked up two men for a little fun time. One guy, Keith Scruggs, Estefani knew. The other, Johnny Collins, was new. According to Scruggs, they went back to the good doctor’s home with Estefani, planning to rob Estefani after some bumpy-bumpy.

But while Scruggs was out on the patio having a smoke (so he claims), Collins killed Estefani by slicing his throat ear-to-ear.

The cops eventually tracked the pair down because Collins left a fingerprint on a Nintendo Wii, and he left some of his semen on Estefani. Both now face murder charges, along with some other related charges.

The article ends by noting that Dr. Smith, “reached by phone, declined to comment.” Really? Jeez, I wonder why an ER doctor wouldn’t want to talk about his boyfriend being brutally murdered as a result of having a tryst while the doctor was away on business? Makes no sense to me.