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You can’t spell “assassinated” without a whole lotta “ass”

hillary-clinton-in-rolling-stone-thumb.jpgIf you haven’t heard by now, Hillary invoked RFK’s assassination as a reason why she needs to stay in this race, and some think she was ever so not-subtly implying that someone may try to take Obama out, so we need her around as a backup. When asked about why she’s still in the race, she noted that folks have been urging her to withdraw but that “historically, that makes no sense.” Then she went on to explain history:

My husband did not wrap up the nomination in 1992 until he won the California primary somewhere in the middle of June, right? We all remember Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in June in California.

There’s no question that this was a poooooooor choice of words, both given the Obama implications and the fact that it’s been a bad week for Teddy Kennedy. So it’s understandable that folks were pissed, and that Hillary’s campaign quickly tried to do some spin control, eventually having HIllary issue an apology. However, our man of righteous indignation, Keith Olbermann, doesn’t think any of that matters. He’s mad as hell — not sure I entirely agree with the level of his ire, but the underlying sentiment is pretty right:

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Yeah, Keith tends to go a bit over the top, but his "We have forgiven you..." litany was awesome.

The problem here is not just that she brought up the spectre of assassination. She did it when running against a black man who has been compared to JFK, RFK and MLK. She did it a week after Huckabee made his insane "joke" about someone pointing a gun at Obama. She did it after a month of Appalacian primaries that served to remind us that there are a lot of batshit crazy racist nutjobs out there, and after bragging for a month that these people support her and will never back Obama.

There's also the fact that her entire statement is historically suspect - RFK only ENTERED the race a month before, so that's not a great illustration of drawn out primaries, and Bill was the de facto nominee by March 1992. And she conveniently ignores that in races that were actually divided well into the summer, the divided party LOSES. RFK's assassination left the party in disarray (well, it was in disarray already), and Nixon won. Reagan/Ford gave us Carter, Carter/Kennedy gave us Reagan, and Mondale/Hart gave us Reagan again. Just because some primary races are contested all the way to the convention doesn't mean that it's a good idea.

And yet both Obama and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. have said that they think everyone is blowing this out of porportion. Way to contribute to the hysteria, Seth.

I agree that people are overreacting about this, and that she probably didn't mean to suggest assassination as a possibility. However, it's pretty callous to use it to support an argument for continuing a campaign.

I find it hard to believe that such a savvy politician, with so much experience being in the public eye and speaking to the media, could possibly have NO IDEA how her comments would sound.

This makes Senator Clinton look, at worst, ruthless, divisive and despicable; at best, naive, thoughtless and maybe just plain stupid.

She used this exact same analogy in a Time interview back in January and no one pitched a fit. RFK Jr., Obama and the people she was giving the interview to have all said that this is a total overreaction.

Stop buying into the media construct that requires everything that Sen. Clinton may or may not have said to be evidence of her evil scheming. It makes you look like a crackpot.

I'm with Kushiro on this one, either ruthless or stupid, not adept enough to be President. We need Ron Paul.

As a black woman, old enough to remember JFK,RFK and King being assassinated and schooled enough to remember what some parts of this country thought should be done to "uppity negras", I am not feeling any sense of forgiveness on this. Giving her the benefit of the doubt, and assuming it wasn't actually wishful thinking, it is still a statement that no rational person should utter, much less one who feels she should be the leader of this country. If she was tired, then it proves that she doesn't have the energy and watchfulness to president. If it was simple stupidity, then she's too danm stupid to be president.