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You can take your produce and shove it

AandP.jpgOk, let’s say I run a company. Something happens which I feel reflects negatively on my company. But it’s a pretty small thing that’s not picked up by the media or the general public. What should I do? I could do nothing, of course, and more often than not, that’ll be the end of it — no damage control necessary, not lost nights of sleep, no money spent on meaningless litigation, etc. Or I can make a mountain out of that molehill, get some attention on it, make myself look worse in the process, and suddenly it is all about damage control, lost sleep, and stupid litigation. A&P, a northeaster US supermarket chain, decided the second option was clearly the way to go here.

In one of their New Jersey stores, the brothers Mark and Matthew D’Avella were fired after making a parody gangsta rap video about grocery store produce. And now A&P is suing the brothers to the tune of $1 million for defamation because the video is just so vile and offensive. The chain claims that the video led one customer to boycott the store and that this was enough to get the store all fired up. Meanwhile, the video never suggests that it’s filmed in, or that it’s about, an A&P store, and the only apparent connection is a fuzzy A&P logo on one of the brother’s hats. Matthew feels hurt, saying: “This is just crazy that we put so much dedication into the company and they just stab us in the back.”

And as TechDirt points out, in filing this lawsuit, A&P has “now made it that a lot more people will both see the video and associate it with A&P. Before this, it’s unlikely most people would have known that it was filmed in an A&P. But, now that they’re suing… everyone will know and a lot more people will see it.” Yuppers.

Here’s the video for Fresh Beets’ “Produce Paradise,” by the way, and good luck if you can even make it through the whole thing — after being initially amused, I quickly lost interest and stopped watching before the halfway point:

(Hat tip to Download Squad)