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You can take this trash and shove it!

cbdboxes.jpgTom Mirabelli is rather ticked off over the fact that his local trash collectors twice failed to make their scheduled cardboard pickups over the last three weeks (they’re supposed to make a pickup every other week). He called the local waste management department to register his complaint, but that got him nowhere. He also got into a fight with a town trash collector who wouldn’t haul off his cardboard. So Mirabelli did the only logical thing - < ahref="http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/bizarre/4966366.html">he hauled his eight pounds of cardboard down to the local Town Hall and left it on the front steps.

He’s now been hit with littering and obstructing a right of way citations, and will surely pay a nice little fine to settle them. In the calmer light of another day, he realizes that this wasn’t his best play: “In retrospect, I shouldn’t have done it. … I admit I was wrong for putting the garbage on their steps, but I was frustrated.” On the other hand, of course, it worked –public safety officials eventually removed the cardboard and disposed of it.

Homer, would you like the final word?

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Haha. He should be glad he doesn't live in Oakland...our garbage collectors just went on a two week strike.