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Yeah. Sure. And Then a Nun Walked By

nundddd.jpgMy oldest friend loathes this story, which hasn’t held up very well over the years. But, fuck it: Back when he was in the third grade (maybe fourth), he was in Wal-Mart. And for reasons that escape me, though it probably had something to do with being in the third grade, he shat his pants. It’s a story we told frequently to embarrass him. However, whenever anyone brought up the story, in order to undermine our credibility, my friend would add disbelievingly, “Uh huh. Sure, and then a nun walked by, right?” The irony, of course, was that a nun did walk by, which is the only thing that makes the story even remotely interesting 20 years later.

OK. It’s not that interesting. But, I suspect a few years from now, an embarrassed Aniello Esposito will be adding a similar addendum whenever his friends tell this story.

An Italian man has claimed he was beaten up by two 83-year-old nuns and a priest in a row over the ownership of a restaurant in a small southern town.
Aniello Esposito, 49, told police he arrived at the restaurant he runs in Rutino in Campania to find the three throwing furniture into the street and smashing plates.
When he tried to intervene the priest knocked him to the ground with a chair and the two nuns began to kick him, he claimed.
Esposito was taken to hospital in an ambulance after the incident a month ago, where doctors found neck and abdominal contusions, according to his hospital file.

Uh huh. And next he’ll say I was beat up by a nun. Suuuuuuure.

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Is that nun in the picture the one that has her own show on one of the unused basic cable channels? If it is, we used to call her the Poop Nun. Every time my best friend saw her on TV, no matter how quickly while surfing through the channels, she made him have to take a shit.

@Snath: Yep. For a brief period of time she could also be seen sporting an awesome eye patch. There's something hypnotizing about a nun wearing an eye patch (or maybe its just me).

picture of said eye patch-wearing-nun and commentary: http://richardsownpage.blogspot.com/2008/07/what.html

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