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WTF is Oral Sodomy?

mikeburgess.jpgIs that what I think it is? Is that what the kids are doing these days? Licking butt? Man alive.

Anyway: An Oklahoma sheriff has been charged with 35 felonies this week, including 14 counts of rape and the seven counts of oral sodomy. Mike Burgess had apparently been running a sex slave operation out of the female prison he was running. He is accused of raping inmates, forcing a drug court participant to have sex with him or face jail; and having inmates participate in a wet T-shirt contest and giving cigarettes to women who flashed their breasts.

He was also charged of one count of “rape by instrumentation.”

Rape by instrumentation? Oral sodomy? Dude, this guy was a sick fuck.

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I have a, uh, friend, whose ex was into that. She's pretty open minded, but had to draw the line at butt licking. Seriously, what the hell?

Get your mind (partially) out of the gutter. Sodomy just means any sexual contact that isn't vaginal sex, so oral sodomy is good ol' fashioned oral sex. What you're describing is what kids today call "tossing one's salad." Honestly, I don't want to know where that expression comes from...

According to the Unified Code of Military Justice, sodomy is everything that ain't missionary. And they still like to fuck people with that every once in while. Then again, they got the "General Article" which basically means "We got nothing on you but what the hell...I don't like how you look so 50/50 RIR x2.