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Wow. Just … wow.

handcuffs.jpgRichard Chip Dougherty was busted for a DUI. Normally, that’ll get you a single criminal charge. Maybe, if you’re an asshole and fight the cops, or you’re an idiot and have some illegal shit in your car, you might get a couple more charges on top of the DUI charge.

But Dougherty is something special. His DUI bust has left him facing over a hundred felony counts. Seems the cops found some forged prescriptions on Dougherty when he was busted back in August. One investigation-over-a-few-months later, and now he’s facing “58 counts of forgery, 31 counts of obtaining a controlled substance by fraud, 31 counts of criminal use of personal identification information and 29 counts of trafficking in controlled substances.”

Do I even need to tell you this was in Florida?

Nah, didn’t think so.

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When you're caught over fifty times with forgery, you have to realise you're no good at it. Underestimating fellow Floridans equals failure.