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Worst. Wedding. Ever.

dog-wedding.jpgSeriously, this could only happen in Arkansas. God bless my home state. No, really: It needs a lot of God’s blessings:

A shooting at an outdoor wedding ended in chaos as a man sped off to find help for the three victims loaded into the back of his pickup.

Arriving Pope County sheriff’s deputies found a woman lying in the truck’s bed with a gunshot wound to the head. A man next to her had blood pumping down over his body from a wound his neck. Another man sat in the back, suffering from a chest wound.

As deputies got to Piney Creek, they found another woman with a gunshot wound to the wrist, according to their initial reports.

But now, three days after the shooting, the chief prosecutor said that trying to piece together what went wrong Saturday remained difficult. There were reports that the suspect’s dog and the wedding couple’s dog got into a fight, and it escalated from there. (Source)

Piece of advice: Never invite dogs to a wedding.

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no no no.
Always invite dogs to the wedding.
Tell your redneck inbred cousin to stay home.