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Will Juror for Food

b&w-jury-box.jpgThis isn’t the first such story we’ve run across like this, but it doesn’t make it any less amusing — a Eugene, Oregon judge recently found herself on the shortside when it came to impaneling a jury, thanks to a high number of criminal trials and a high number of fine, upstanding citizens skipping out on jury duty. After looking through the phone book and unsuccessfully calling some folks and trying to get them to come down to court, Judge Bearden told her sheriff’s deputies to get outside and round-up some folks: “I told them, ‘Walk out that door onto Pearl Street and summon the first 10 to 12 people you see.’”

So the deputies went out into downtown Eugene and started summoning citizens for immediate jury duty. Said Judge Bearden: “I’m sure all of them had some place they would rather be on a beautiful, sunny August day.” You think? “I dealt with some angry people [who] didn’t think it was fair.” You think?

Not that I feel bad for the folks who were roped in — welcome to America, bitches. Every once in a blue moon, your country calls you. And when it calls, you answer.

(And yes, Judge Bearden’s action were legal under a little-used Oregan law, and she even made sure to check that the law was still good.)

(Hat tip to AtL.)

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I was on a jury once about 20 years ago. The fact of the matter is that it was the best civic experience I've had before or since.

I went in darkly cynical and determined to stick it to an insurance company but actually changed my thinking and after hearing all the evidence and judging the veracity of the litigants decided for the defendant.

It was cool as shit and what really amazed me was how 12 strangers actually got to the truth.

I've heard rumors of that happening around the courthouse in downtown LA. In fact, there's a few restaurants right around the courthouse that people avoid for just that reason.