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Why must we always punish creativity?

zip-line.jpgOver in Hong Kong, sixteen members of a gang have been arrested for running an across-the-border smuggling operation. This gang “used a crossbow to shoot [a] cable across the fenced-off border between” Chine and Hong Kong, and then they strung it “from the top of a Chinese highrise down to a viliage house in Hong King.” For the next two to three weeks, they then used this as a zip line, rigging up a pulley system to shuttle illicit goods over the border at night:

“They took 10 to 15 seconds to smuggle goods weighing 3-5kg, such as 20-30 mobile phones each time,” Leo Sin, a senior Hong Kong customs’ intelligence officer was quoted as saying.
Electronics goods worth more than $770,000 were seized, including 3,300 mobile phones and 2,100 computer memory cards, the paper reported.
The newspaper said it was the first time such a method had been deployed by cross-border smugglers, who have in the past dug tunnels to ferret electronics underground and to pump contraband diesel between the two sides.