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Why Is This News?

WOTMR_DriveThru.jpgSometimes I think the Associated Press just gets bored:

Police say a man placing an order in a suburban New York doughnut shop’s drive-through lane didn’t have any pants on.
They say a Dunkin’ Donuts worker saw John Greco’s exposed genitals in the Feb. 27 stunt and then noted the make of his car and his license plate number.
Police say the 46-year-old Croton-on-Hudson resident was arrested last week and has been charged with misdemeanor public lewdness. He’s due in court March 27.
Police released a statement Thursday saying it was “unknown how Mr. Greco took his coffee that day.”

So fucking what? First of all, if a guy wants to go through a drive-thru nekkid, that’s his God-given right — he ain’t hurting nobody. That’s what drive-thrus are for — I don’t know how many times I got drive-thru coffee wearing a bathrobe, and I probably wouldn’t have bothered with that if it weren’t so damn cold. Why do the police gotta be called in on this? And second of all, who the hell over at Yahoo News (where I picked this story up) decided to elevate this piece to the “Top Stories.” Was it that slow a news day that a man who neglected to wear his skivvies in the privacy of his own car warrants national coverage? Jesus Christ — go do some real reporting, AP. Aren’t there politicians sleeping with whores somewhere?

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MmmmHmmm. Freeballing in the drivethrough, eh Dustin? Too cold to do that in Syracuse. But I guess things are different in Ithaca...

Uhh, what the hell is that last line supposed to mean? Who cares how he took his coffee, unless he was providing his own cream.

I agree completely. The guy was in his car, comfortably housed in his own property. The donut dude is the perv looking through the poor guy's windows.

Sorry he got what he deserved. You don't just forgot to put your pants on. No one wants to see some dumbass pantsless.

The last line makes the whole article.

"Did he order a double double?" (.. do y'all call it that down there, or is that a Tim Hortons thing?)

And just think of the lawsuit if he'd spilled the coffee all over his lap.