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Who doesn’t like a good traffic jam?

traffic-jam.jpgCarol Greenberg is awesome. This Michigan woman recently sent a $16 bill to the state Department of Transportation after getting stuck in a traffic jam due to work being done on the highway. She guestimated that the jam cost her about $16 in gas, and she’d like the state to pay her back, thank you very much. She says there were a ton of signs noting that there was work ahead, but not that there would be a delay, and she figures it wouldn’t be that hard for them to put up a “hey, traffic may suck ahead” sign.

A spokesman for the state DOT noted that “we usually get damage claims about stones kicked up from the roadway or overspray from painting I have never heard of anyone being compensated for the loss of gasoline.”

Greenberg knew she wouldn’t see a dime from this — and of course, she got a “get bent” letter in response — but it made her feel better: “I just sent it in to vent about it.”

Right on, sister.