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Which one of these things is not like the other?

sesame-street.jpgIn Jersey, local and state police have been on major gang raids recently. Codenamed “Operation Five Spot,” their focus has been on rounding up members of the Libside Boys and the Clinton Avenue Posse. Between January and March, they’ve arrested 91 alleged gang members and along along with those arrests, they’ve also confiscated quite a few things:

Weapons, a stun gun, a bulletproof vest, heroin, cocaine, an alligator, crack, ecstasy, Oxycontin and marijuana.

…Yup, an alligator! Sucker was three feet long.


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Like, a live one? Jesus. Nothing is sacred, I guess. Although, I'm not really sure if an alligator was sacred in the first place, but what the fuck is a gang member doing with one?

If anything, I think this sounds like some dandy natural selection at work. Provided this alligator was in one of those gang lairs where they are barricaded in with all their guns and drugs to keep out the cops and whatnot...cops will eventually bust in and find just a fat, coked out, lonely gator.