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Where’s Doug Llewelyn when you need him?

doug-llewelyn.jpgIn India, The People’s Court works a little different than over here. Take the case of a middle-aged woman in Dhanbad. She used to regularly attend a Kali temple with her husband, despite the fact that other local women weren’t so keen on it. However, since the temple is supposed to have open access to any Dhanbad villagers, there was never a problem. But it would seem that the open access no longer applies when your man passes away.

When the woman entered the temple as a widow, it enraged the locals. So much so that the villagers had a “people’s court” to determine her punishment, which was to parade her naked through the streets of a nearby village. The next time she tried to enter the temple, justice was enacted:

[A]bout 200 people prevented her from entering the temple, stripped her, put shoes around her neck and paraded her on village streets. They were shouting slogans alleging she practised witchcraft and was responsible for the outbreak of chicken pox in the village.

The witchcraft business is because the locals blame her for the recent death of another woman.

During this street justice scene, the locals also allegedly tried to feed her shit, though she says they were unsuccessful.

…See what I mean. I never one saw Judge Wapner order someone to eat shit. Although I saw a few cases where it would’ve been warranted.