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Where dreams go to sleep, perchance to die

homer-hammock.jpgAt my last firm job, I dreamed of putting a hammock into my office. I was actually given permission to do so, but my office wasn’t big enough, so I was waiting to move into one of the bigger associate offices. But then I left before getting that bigger office. Not that it mattered, as I would’ve only been living half the dream — while they said I could put in the hammock, they flatly denied my request to also have tiki torches and sand on the floor. Sadly, my current firm is a bit more square, and even the hammock alone probably wouldn’t fly.

But whatever with that, because a hammock, tiki torches and some sand isn’t the dream anymore. It’s kiddie play. Christopher Gillette, a Montana attorney, well he’s living the dream. Gillette is currently installing a large aquarium which will be used to hold venomous fish and sharks.

He’s installing a mother fucking shark tank in the office!

(Hattip: Overlawyered.)

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isn't that a little cliche?