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Where Do You Even Buy a T-shirt Like That?

1007081beer1.jpgHere’s an incredibly depressing AP report on a van crash in Tennessee over the weekend. The van was being driven by a ten-year old who was driving over 90MPH at the time of the crash:

His passengers were two other young children, along with two adults who had been drinking and taking pills. A sheriff’s official says authorities arrived on the scene to find a woman trying to swallow as many pills as she could and a man who reported drinking at least 15 beers. A photo released by the sheriff’s office shows the man wearing a T-shirt saying, “Buy this dad a beer.” After the crash, everyone in the van was taken to a hospital for treatment of minor injuries. Authorities says the children — two 10-year-olds and a 6-year-old — were believed to be related to the adults. The children have been placed in state care. The adults are facing multiple charges.

With a Dad like that, perhaps it’s the kid who needs a beer.

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It's Joe Six-Pack!