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When Judges Attack

gavel.jpgLast week, an Atlanta judge hit a scumbum child molester with a life imprisonment sentence. But then he unloaded on the mother of the two child victims, after she thanked Jesus, railing on her for letting it happen and putting her kids at risk: “You knew what was going on … You are an atrocious mother … You are disgusting.”

Watch for yourself:

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Notice how the woman isn't even listening to what he's saying? She's just agreeing with him. Gives me the heebie-jeebies.

So why wasn't she charged as well? At least guilty by omission?

You go judge! Someone has to stand up for those kids because the mother sure isn't.

She certainly needs to lose custody of her children. Unfit fails to describe how absolutely useless she is, and this should be evidence for people who can't keep their legs closed that having a child means you also have to raise them, not just have them around your apartment. She should, at the least, be in prison with no rights to her children, especially after the second time she has allowed someone to molest her kids. Pure trash.

WHY are women always blamed for the screwed up things men do to them? Has it ever occurred to anyone here that she could have been terrified of what her boyfriend would do? He raped and molested her repeatedly for god's sakes! What would you do in a situation where if you try to do anything to help yourself or your children you may be hurt or even killed by your lousy excuse for a boyfriend? Molestation is not some "consensual" sexual act it is a form or aggression and a way to get power! Jesus, we sit there and criticize people in predominantly Muslim countries for treating women like crap and look at what we do here! We are most definitely no better, if not worse! No one ever, EVER "asks" or "deserves" to get treated the way this woman or her children were treated by that sicko. What that judge said in the courtroom was simply a repitition of the vile humiliation and abuse that the boyfriend inflicted upon her and her two boys. And for anyone here who again tries to claim that the mother was mostly or even significantly responsible for this or call her names, realize this: you're just as likely to rape and molest with an attitude like that; and if she was white and middle-upper class she wouldn't have been vilified and humiliated in such a way by that lousy judge or anyone else that supported what he said or did. He says that she's "despicable", I don't even think there's a word in the English language that describes that stupid and disgusting misogynist judge.......

I can't believe I'm seeing this. The JUDGE blaming the mother of the victims for not keeping him from molesting those kids.

This guy was being convicted on the same day, people. He was the sicko, and the judge bitches the mother out.

Don't care who they are, no one is responsible for those children being molested except the man who molested them. End of story.

The bit that gets me is the fact that the judge blames her because her boyfriend "viciously and sexually assaulted her" but she didn't prosecute. So: we have a legal system that makes it very difficult to get a conviction in a rape case, particularly if the victim and rapist are living together. Nevertheless, if you get viciously raped but don't report it then you are 100% responsible for whatever the rapist does next.

He is blaming the mother not because she is a woman, but because she was the GUARDIAN of those children. Whatever her fear or decisions she made about her own life after being assaulted by that man does not change the fact that she left her kids in the care of a man she KNEW had done the same thing to her. There are women every day overflowing shelters that have risked everything to keep their children safe. To claim that she has no responsibility for this happening is like saying that the parents who let their kids play in traffic have no cause to be blamed when their children are hit by a car. If the police and the judge had a record of his rape and assault of the mother, that means that either the mother or someone thought what he did was bad enough to call the cops for. The judge was not yelling at her for bringing the rape to the attention of the court; he was yelling at her for first, not pressing charges against him for her rape(which could have resulted in his earlier imprisonment, and definitely doesn't fit with the whole theme of repressing women) and second, allowing him back into her life and the lives of her children and third, access and worse than that UNSUPERVISED access to her children. It's not as if this man broke into her house to assault her kids. She let him in and left her children with a man she knew to be a sexual predator. That she was raped by this man and for whatever reasons didn't choose to press charges is sad for her sake, but her choice. That she chose to let him back into her life is also sad, but that she chose to let him back into her children's lives: that's negligent.

Megaera said "he was yelling at her for first, not pressing charges against him for her rape(which could have resulted in his earlier imprisonment, and definitely doesn't fit with the whole theme of repressing women)"

How does this not fit in with the theme of not repressing women? Do you have any idea what the victims of rape face when they actually try to report the crimes that have been perpetrated against them? I don't think the fact that some women have the resources and strength to leave their abusers means that those who don't are somehow inviting the abuse. She was abused by the perpetrator in a way that was violent enough to make it on the court record; what do you think he did to her in terms of mental and emotional manipulation to make sure that she knew that she should be afraid of him and he would make her pay if she reported it or left him?

Furthermore, the analogy to letting your kids play in the street is disingenuous. People who are driving in the street are partaking in a perfectly lawful activity. Molesting children is not. It is HIS FAULT, HIS FAULT, HIS FAULT for molesting the children. The analogy that would be more apt would be if the children were playing in the yard and a drunk driver drove off the road and hit them playing in the yard. The drunk driver's actions would then be illegal, just like a CHILD MOLESTER. You would not blame the parents for subjecting their children to the completely illegal actions of other adults. Don't forget that we are taking about the actions of someone who was so far from having an ethical compass that he could sexually abuse a mentally retarded person. What else was he capable of?

I for one think this judge is amazing. Living in the PC environment of the United Kingdom, I'm simply in awe that in the US judges still have the power to speak their minds.

I'm also a bit shocked by the fact that this has caused such controversy. Lara, I understand all the points that you are making. They are valid; the mum was probably terrified etc etc.

BUT!! if someone is terrified to act when they KNOW their children are in *such* danger, well, in my mind, they are neglectful parents. I don't think fear is an excuse in the slightest. The judge should have followed through on his words, and gotten the children removed from what is obviously a dangerous situation for them (living with a mother who has allowed into her home the presence of TWO such people as the defendant).

PC??? PC???

Oh, yes, blame the woman, in this society, a woman can't do anything right-if she is affluent, white, and married, she should stay home, but if she does she is ruining her retirement fund. If AWM(Affluent, white married) goes to work she is by putting her children in daycare breeding more aggressive children.

if she is poor, especially of a different race, she should have bettered by getting an education, and got a job, oh and especially if she wasn't married, she should have married the father of her children, or at least someone-even if it is a molesting asswipe aemoba with a broken X chromosome to provide a "male" rolemodel for her children. BUT, not just any man-no it's got to be a male approved by the AWRFRW goons(Affluent, white, rich right wing).

If she is in an abusive relationship SHE is the one who needs to get out of it-we don't persecute poor, defenseless men or make anything their fault-hell she probaby egged him on didn't she? It is never the man's fault.

If she makes accusations about him raping and beating her or children-well, she never should have lived with him in the first place right?

No, this is bullshit, pure and simple bullshit-don't place blame where it lies, on a sick male fuck and a system that is broken, no, let's blame the woman, because it is ALWAYS HER DAMN FAULT no matter what.

What the hell are you talking about "Let's blame the woman..."! HE GOT HIS PUNISHMENT, she's only getting a slap on the wrist. Would YOU leave your kids alone with the known rapist/molestor? I don't think so.

Oh jeez, cry me a river, ladies! If I were that mom in the courtroom, I'd be feeling guilty as hell for letting things get so bad. Mothers should CARE about their children, HELLO?
Women take all the credit, but none of the blame - POLITICAL CORRECTNESS in a nutshull.

Leaving the man or staying with him, both were a choice. One choice may be harder or close to impossible, but it was still a choice.

It's people like you guys that are agreeing with this judge that have made me lose faith in the majority of the population. I agree that she should've tried to get her children out of harms way--if not pressing charges, then getting a restraining order or sending them to live with relatives. But she is not as much to blame as he is, not by a long shot. She was hurt and raped and abused and scared-where's the sympathy?

When i was sexually assaulted, my therapist told me not to press charges because it would be "worse for me than it would be for him." And she was right! There is very rarely a conviction in a rape case in the US, and 1 in four women will be sexually assaulted in their lifetime.

Okay, but are we all forgetting that she left her children with a man who assaulted her (probably raped her) to go out DRINKING!!! I think the judge is completely correct for yelling at her. If she were afraid of him, afraid to leave him, afraid of what he might do if she left him; why did she leave her children with him and go out drinking? She left a mentally disabled child with this guy too. Then let it fucking happen a second time! So yeah, she's at fault - her children should be taken away from her, she should be in jail for child endangerment.

This whole thing just makes me want to cry.

Don't victims already blame themselves ENOUGH without some judge doing it too?

I know I do.

I'm actually split on this: While I agree that it's condescending (at least) to blame the victim of a rape for things that may have been beyond her control, it seems to me that a mother should still have to take some responsibility for the well-being of her children, particularly when she leaves them with someone she knows to be sexually violent. This woman apparently has five kids, at least one of whom is mentally disabled, so it seems pretty suspect to me that she left them alone with this guy. Imperfect as the justice system is (and I do agree that the judge was out of line in yelling at her for not reporting her rape, since rape cases are generally treated very poorly by police and others, especially if the assault(s) are domestic), I feel like some guilt is probably appropriate for the mother, and getting called out for not protecting her kids is a consequence of not protecting her kids, flat out. Whether it was poverty or stupidity or a poor education or fear that led the woman to do what she did, her failure to do the proper thing vis-a-vis the children still had obscene consequences. What you choose to do personally about sexual assault is one thing; bringing someone like that into your kids' life is something different, IMO.