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When good ghost stories go bad

haunted.jpgOne night in August of last year, three high school girls snuck onto the property of Allen S. Davis. They did this simply because they thought his house was “spooky,” and they were looking for some cheap thrills. See, Davis’ house sits across from a cemetery, and has a bunch of unruly shrubs obscuring the view. Plus, Davis, who lives in the house with his mother, is a loner who has a bowl haircut and wears thick glasses and poorly-fit clothes. And in the 80s, neighbors used to hear screams coming from the house, courtesy of Davis’ grandmother. So we’re talking classic Haunted House here, making the girls’ curiosity entirely understandable.

And they were pretty harmless. Using their cell phones as flashlights (modern technology is just so dandy, ain’t it?), they just crept a little onto Davis’ property and, after being sufficiently spooked, they ran back to a car, honked the horn, and drove off.

Trouble is, Davis isn’t keen on trespassers, and he fired off a couple rounds from his rifle at the car. The girls heard the shots and thought it was just some firecrackers, until they stopped around the corner only to have another bullet come flying into the car, hitting one of the girls in her shoulder and head. She wound up with a paralyzed arm and leg, and Davis ultimately wound up pleading guilty to two counts of felonious assault, receiving a 19 year sentence in the clink.

Davis says that he didn’t mean to hurt anyone, and that he was just trying to protect himself from trouble: “I didn’t know what their weaponry was, what their intensions were. In a situation like that, you assume the worst-case scenario if you’re going to protect your family from a possible home invasion and murder.” Many feel that Davis’ sentence was too harsh, particularly in light of reports that Davis had repeatedly been harassed in the past by other teenagers.

Others say that the girls should also have been punished for trespassing. The police, however, ultimately decided that the incident didn’t arise to the level of trespassing because the girls “had not gone far enough onto the property and no clearly visible signs had been posted.”

The moral of the story is, of course, clear - that house is totally haunted. I mean, it got a poor girl paralyzed, and a crazy dude thrown in jail. Seriously, if you’re ever in Columbus, Ohio, stay away from Spooky House.

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I actually used to live in Columbus, OH and know this house well, it was the thing to do in High school to drive out to it right off Dublin-Granville Road and dare each other to tag a bush on the lawn or bring back a leaf or take a picture on it...we would split into car teams and have city wide scavenger hunts and it was always a big ticket item...i feel really bad because back then we didnt think anyone lived there, it was always dark and abandoned looking...