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When did bigots get computer savy?

gay-marriage2.jpgSome folks are saying that if Obama happens to take an early lead in the polls tomorrow, Democratic California after-work voters may skip the polls (because we all know this state’s going blue anyway). This is a bad thing for two reasons. First, assuming Obama sees this through, I’d like to see his popular vote count be as high as it can. But more importantly, a low Dem turnout here in Cali increases the odds of Proposition 8 getting passed. This is the fucking proposition to amend our state constitution to get rid of gay marriage because bigots only want the straights to be able to get divorced.

Anyway, Last week, the “No on Prop 8” website was hit with a DOS internet attack, in an attempt to shut it down:

It seems to be a coordinated national effort, coming in tandem with a similar attack on the No on 2 website in Florida (another campaign for marriage equality), and with participants from around the country.
So. Let me get this straight. One of the big tropes of the Yes on 8 campaign is that “activist judges” (i.e., the California Supreme Court enforcing the State Constitution) forced same-sex marriage down the throats of an unwilling state, and the Yes on Prop 8 campaign is simply an attempt to redress this wrong and restore democracy.
And yet somehow, their love of democracy doesn’t include the idea that their opponents have the right to publicize their views and raise money on their own Website. Their love of democracy somehow doesn’t include the right of people to donate money to the political campaign of their choice.

All of which is to say, if you live in Cali, please vote no on this stupid proposition — trust me, gay marriage does not mean the teachers will start telling our kids to get gay married.

(Hat tip to reader Jessica, who not only provided a link to this story, but the amusing question that is this entry’s title.)

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Thanks so much for posting this! (and for quoting me) Really California, we are better than this. Keep discrimination out of our constitution!

This is why I'm voting first thing in the morning before work. I could definitely see myself driving home, after work, seeing the huge line at the senior center where I get to vote (because seniors love it when a bunch of strangers congregate where they live), and just saying "eff it."

The most frustrating thing about social issues like gay marriage is that if people put half of the time, money, and energy into real pressing problems, such as child care, health care, education, drug prevention, etc as opposed to protecting a false notion of what "marriage" should be, our world would be such a better place. Do people literally have nothing better to do than freak out about gay marriage? Did the two wars, the economy, and all social inequalities disappear over night when I wasn't looking? What the fuck are our priorities as Americans?

I've been doing a lot of phonebanking against Props 4 & 8 here, and we've been calling this the "Obama Effect." But I really don't think it will make a difference in California if we see Obama is winning. Here is why: "A recent USA Today/Gallup poll found 74 percent of Obama voters saying they are more enthusiastic about voting this time than in previous elections. Only 48 percent of McCain voters said the same." Obama supporters will vote for him in CA, even if he wins every single other state in the US. Why? Because we are so fucking jazzed about Obama being president, we WANT to vote for him. He is no Kerry--we all want to be able to say that we cast our vote for Obama. If anything, McCain supporters, who are pretty ambivalent towards him as a candidate, will probably see that nothing can be done and stay home that day (crossing my fingers!).

I was so so so disappointed to see ads for Yes on Prop 8 all over Pajiba. What's up with that?