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What would Freud say about this?

MD_2487.gifFrom the Carroll County Times in Maryland:

The parents of a Carroll County Board of Education candidate who were granted a protective order against their son Monday had similar orders in Baltimore County in 2006 and 2007, according to court records.
The protective order granted to Homer and Beatrice Phelps of Westminster by a Carroll County District Court judge Monday forbids their son, Draper S. Phelps, 28, of Baltimore, from contacting them for one year.
It does not prevent him from running for office, and he will appear on the ballot for the Board of Education primary election Feb. 12.
According to an application filed by Homer Phelps on Dec. 31, Draper Phelps held him down and threatened him with a knife, and punched, shoved and threatened him and his wife last month.
Homer Phelps also wrote in the application for the protective order that his son is mentally unstable. In his worst phases, Draper Phelps wanted to kill his father in order to marry his mother, according to the application.

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Welcome back, Vermillion; I'm seriously impressed. First you give us crazy quintillionaire wanabes, now the mother of all Oedipal complexes?? You get all the great stories. ;-)