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It’s a Good Thing Rodney King wasn’t Black AND Quadriplegic

rodneyking.jpgA few weeks ago, we showed you video of the Hillsborough, Florida police harshly dumping a quadriplegic out of his wheelchair, thinking — I suppose — that he was faking it. There was an investigation and, ultimately, I believe the police department apologized.

I don’t think they meant it.


Because cops at the very same prison did the same fucking thing to another wheelchair inmate. After discovering that a quad serving a 10-year-prison sentence had a crack pipe, the fuzz took the man to a holding cell and dumped him out of his wheelchair, leaving him there for over an hour (this guy, who tried to stab an officer with the glass crack pipe, may have arguably deserved it a little).

My favorite part: The incident report, which stated that deputies then “relocated Rayburn from his wheelchair to the holding cell floor.” Relocated? Ha! You can see the video here.

This is also the third case of alleged abuse at the jail in the last two weeks. In between the wheelchair dumping incidents, the cops also broke a woman’s arm. Here’s the video of that:

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I don't see how someone who is completely paralyzed from the neck down could smoke a pipe, unless he had help. Are you sure that he wasn't a PARAPLEGIC? Just like the last guy, who had use of his arms, was a PARAPLEGIC?

Amanda--someone already corrected you in the last post regarding quadriplegia, so I'm probably wasting my time correcting you again. Quadriplegia is in which a human experiences paralysis affecting all four limbs, although not necessarily total paralysis or loss of function.

Note: You are correct in thinking that this person was paraplegic, not quadriplegic, however in the first case the person was quadriplegic.

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