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What the Christ? It’s cold out — open up already!

wisconsin-cheese.jpgAs you surely know, folks all over this great land hit the polls yesterday for Super Tuesday, with 24 states holding caucuses or primaries. But not everything went as smooth as one would hope. In Wisconsin, Ethel Goodwin and a handful of others were lined up outside of their polling place nice at early, at 6:30 a.m. (dear Lord!), only to find that the doors didn’t open at 7 as scheduled.

“You can’t vote oldey, cause you’re too old!”

…Nah, that’s not what happened. Actually, just turns out that Goodwin and company weren’t a half-hour early, but two weeks early, since Wisconsin doesn’t hold its primaries until February. Oopsies.

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Yes, here in wisconsin, the cold and snow affect the old like this.

Hey, down here in Chicago we have fist fights between old lady election judges. Go to vote and get ring side seats for the Melee, no extra charge for voting twice.