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We’re All Stars Now In the Dope Show

Marijuana-Not-Crack-Magnet-C11754995.jpegYou remember that anti-marijuana ad a few years back where the kids were smoking pot and one of them accidentally shoots the other kid while high (here’s the best video I could find of it)? I think they even aired it during the Super Bowl. And you remember how half of America was all like, “Dude — that’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. Completely absurd. People don’t shoot their friends while they’re high.”

Well, leave it to stupid kids to prove the ad right. In Orlando, in fact, a couple of teenagers fabricated a story about a break-in after a teenager was shot. The truth, however, was that the kids were smoking dope and the gun accidentally went off. Just like in the damn ad.

Well, I suppose the Office of National Drug Control Policy will get a lot of mileage out of that. But, you gotta know: It wasn’t the dope, it was the stupidity.

Meanwhile, marijuana arrests are up for the fourth year in a row. Awesome.

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weed is no more to blame for this shooting than the neighbors are. they're both simply proximal to idiot kids with no sense who are fucking around with a loaded weapon. my guess is that these paragons of poor decision making would have ended up shooting each other whether they were high, drunk or stone sober.