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Well they don’t look fucking jolly at all!

In a dangerous midnight raid, a joint task force made up of agents from the CIA, the FBI, the NSA, the IRS, the FDA, PETA, the AARP and WKRP in Cincinnati stormed the lone house sitting on the vast snowscape, hoping to catch the slave owner unawares. They had been hunting this man for years, but everytime they got close, he would unleash one of his hell hounds, those cruel beasts with massive horns and no souls, and they would make quick work of the threat to their owner, their master, their keeper.

But on this dark night, the agents hoped they could take the man by surprise. Catch him unaware. They were the ones taken aback, however, when they found not one slave owner inside the shop, but twelve, which makes sense really, because how could one man truly run such a massive operation on his own?

A shootout turned into a knife fight turned into a bake off, and agents were shot, fat men were stabbed, and cakes were baked. But in the end, Justice prevailed and the men were arrested. Ho. Ho. Ho.


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Is this sarcastic? Sometimes I can't even tell anymore.

You must have taken all these photos from the "child molester" section of mug shots. I see my uncle in there.

Sounds dead serious to me. When did you last get involved in a bake-off? Sounds a really nasty business to me. Lethal if you happen to be a raisin. Ho ho ho.