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Well there are ten thousand spoons, but where’s my knife?!

cherries.jpgLast month, a gal in Nevada was busted for a DUI. Lady was pulled over, and while she said she had only had one margarita, she failed her field sobriety test and blew above a 0.08 on the ol’ too-much-booze-in-blood test.

The irony of it is, Kathleen Cherry was drinking fruity margaritas made with a cherry liqueur. See? Her last name’s Cherry, and the drink had cherries in it.

Nah, that’s not the irony. The irony is that Cherry works for the Nevada sheriff’s department. As an employee who draws blood to test blood alcohol content. And she was pulled over while she was on her to way to the jail to test some other fool for being a drunk driver!

If only that guy was drinking cherry margaritas, this story would’ve been tits.