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Well that’s just efficiency

budweiser.jpgSeventy-four-year-old Lynne Rice was out for a nice Sunday evening drive when she turned her 1988 Caddy into Joe’s Food Mart and Video. Into it, as in, right into the store. And get this — the old lady then got out of her car, “walked over to the cooler and pulled out a six-pack of Budweiser.”

But the stupid store owner wouldn’t sell her the car and, instead, called the cops. The old lady was taken to the hospital and then arrested for DUI.

(Hat tip to reader Adam B.)

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Lucille Bluth lives!
This case didn't come out of Florida by any chance, did it?

My great grandmother was in her seventies or eighties when she finally got her driver's license. She honestly only passed because she was a sweet old lady, and not because she was a good driver.
She ended up driving into a Dairy Queen. I think they add a drive thru after that.