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Well that’ll really harsh your mellow

pot.jpgUp in the Seattle area, a 56-year-old musician has died after he was denied a liver transplant. The reason? Because he was using medical marijuana prescribed to him by his doctor. The Medical Center said that they told Timothy Garon that he could get back on the donor list if he stayed away from pot for 6 months and/or enrolled in a drug treatment program. But his doctors told him he wasn’t going to last that long anyway, which made the whole thing moot.

God damn this shit enrages me. There are many issues wrapped up in the cloud of medical marijuana smoke but the one that gets me here is that Garon was taking doctor prescribed medicine, so who the fuck is the medical center to decide that certain types of medicine gets you punted off the donor list while others are a-ok? If we weren’t talking about legal (by state law, at least) medicinal herb prescribed by a doctor, I’d get it to some extent. But this? Enfuriating.

(Hat tip to reader Jenn K.)

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Alcohol's legal too, and you can't get a liver transplant if you drink.

I don't see a problem with the principle that medical judgment (I assume this was a medical decision--if not, it's reprehensible) about whether someone's fit to have a transplant is completely separate to whether they're doing things that are legal (or for that matter, illegal).

To be clear-someone's the bad guy here. To my mind, it's the prescribing doctor-just as if he had prescribed any other medicine that would contraindicate a liver transplant.

If the guy needs a liver transplant, the MD shouldn't prescribe him anything, helpful or not, that removes his eligibility to get the transplant.

What about Micky Mantle. The guy never proved he stopped drinking, had Hep C, a history of abusing illegal drugs and "somehow" got the fast track for a liver at 63. Surprise, surprise he dies, 3 months later. So not only did he die, so did someone else, who had a much better chance, died as well waiting for a liver that never showed. This guy's problem wasn't that he used pot, he wasn't famous enough to get a head of the line.

Sadly, there just aren't enough transplantable organs available, and they end up making fairly arbitrary rules in order to decide who gets one.

Here's what infuriates more: people are dying on the transplant list while stem cell research is being opposed at every level. Stop worrying about the theoretical "rights" of a blastocyst, and evil soulless clones taking over the world, and focus on helping the people who need it!