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Well sure, that’s commensurate with the crime

dimeroll.jpgIn Cincinnati, 41-year-old Gary Weaver was arrested for disorderly conduct. He was sentenced with one night in jail, which sounds about right. But turns out that Mr. Weaver has had a warrant out for his arrest since 1990. Back in the day, Weaver purchased $21 worth of goods using fake dime rolls (they were filled with pennies, with dimes on the end). He was charged with a felony because of a prior theft conviction, and the charge has been pending ever since.

So Weaver is stuck in jail because there’s a $1 million bond tied to that warrant, and the court refuses to lower that amount. One million is a lot of squadush, but it’s even more ridiculous when you think about the fact that this was set in 1990 money. In present day money, that’s somewhere between $1.5 and 2 million. For a twenty dollar scam.

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One could argue that the judge is giving him a break by not increasing the bond to adjust for inflation.