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Well of course he was arrested

NYChooker.jpgA Florida man was arrested because he went up to hooker and tried to buy some sex. And since the hooker was actually an undercover sheriff’s deputy, well, so it goes.

But you ask me, Fausino Diaz Hernandez wasn’t arrested because he was trying to buy sex. Nope.

He was arrested for being a stingy mother fucker, as he tried to buy sex for the price of two cents.

Two cents.

Either he’s a cheap bastard, or that deputy made one real ugly looking prostitute, you know?

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reminds me of an aquaintance of mine down in Tampa, she's a hefty, and I mean hefty, gal that delivers newspaper bundles to boxes at 3-4AM. She was loading a box in the Ybor City bar district when a pickup pulled up and a guy shouted out "how much?" She said .75, he said "hop in".