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Well nothing bad can happen here…

elmer.jpg“A Texas lawmaker is aiming to allow the blind to hunt.” Seriously.

State Representative Edmund Kuempel has introduce the bill, which would require blind hunters to go hunting with a sighted hunter. Kuempel hopes the legislation will pass early next year. “This opens up the fun of hunting to additional people, and I think that’s great.”

Of course, it also opens up the fun of additional people getting a Dick Cheney shot to the face, but Kuempel doesn’t say if he thinks that’s great.

Now here’s what I don’t get. A hunter/educator-type guy has explained how a blind hunter can get his hunt on:

A blind person can shoot a rifle by mounting an offset pistol scope on the side of the rifle instead of on top….This allows their companion behind them to peer over their shoulder and help them sight it, but the blind person can pull the trigger.

Which makes it sound like the seeing-eye-hunter does all the work and the blind guy just pulls the trigger. And I’m not sure that really qualifies as hunting. But if blind guys wanna’ do some shootin’ and killin’, I guess this is as good a way as any.

…remind me never to move to Texas.

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Is this a restrospective attempt to make the war in iraq legal?